With this extraordinary summer we are experiencing these days – we are very happy to host Yossi Yungman for 2 unique workshops offering a happy and liberating experience for parents and their children, with lots of laughter, play, movement, touch, and enjoyment. 'Noa Dar Dance Group' Studio is conducted according to the instructions of The Ministry of Health of Israel and therefore the number of participants is limited to 10 pairs only. Participation: 35 NIS per participant. The workshop will last for 50 minutes. To book a place on the 4.10.20, Sunday, at 10:00 - CANCELLED To book a place on the 10.10.20, Saturday, at 10:00 - CANCELLED To book a place on the 31.10.20, Saturday, at 10:00 - click here At the studio of Noa Dar Dance Group, 13 Laskov St. (entrance from the parking lot), Tel Aviv. For any questions and inquiries - please write to us at noadarpro@gmail.com
  'Capsule of Touch': Special workshops with Noa Dar In  days of prohibitions and restrictions on proximity and casual touch between people, these obvious reassuring expression of empathy  used in everyday physical contact -  became  now an object of concern and fear, physical contact becomes rare and exclusive only to our 'capsule' partners - The workshop  ''Capsule of touch' is an opportunity to experience ourselves and those close to us in a soft and mindfully way, through physical and movement experience led by an attentive and gentle touch. Following the high response to the first workshop that took place in July, Noa Dar invites to her the studio for 2 more one-time workshops which will concentrate on touch. It is designed for only 10 couples of all variations - parents, sons and daughters, friends, and lovers. During the workshop - all contact and physical proximity will only take place between the partners who register in advance. Couples of men and women aged 18 and over are invited. No previous experience is needed, the workshop is suitable for everyone. -------------------------------------------- 'Noa Dar Dance Group' Studio is conducted according to the instructions of The Ministry of Health of Israel and therefore the number of participants is limited to only 10 pairs. Participation: 30 NIS per participant. The workshop will last for 75 Min. For bookings: Thursday, 29.10, 19:00 – CLICK HERE At the studio of Noa Dar Dance Group, 13 Laskov St. (entrance from the parking lot), Tel Aviv. For any questions and inquiries - please write to us at noadarpro@gmail.com

Inventory is a new solo work by noa dar, following last year’s – ‘NoaNoa’. Here, she observes the parting process that holds a need to cling to the real, to what remains and can testify of what is absent. This work will be a farewell event from the space which has served as her studio for the last 14 years and which is slated for demolition in 2020. The performance, will pursue the elusive contents and materials that was created within these walls since it became hers studio. This transient material of which a body of works was created from – is now absent. In contrast, what remains are props and stage sets – those wrapping materials, made of solid substances, that served to define the spaces in which the works lived in. In the absence of the creations themselves, these objects become archeological artifacts that give signs to the Intangible contents they held once. In ‘Inventory’, these objects will be taken out of storage and will reconstruct in the studio to form a layered space wherein the performance will move between times, perspectives and narratives, revealing ways in which dance works continue to live on in memory, to disintegrated and then to reassembled into a new creation.

Special bilingual performances of "The Dream is a Great Painter", in Arabic and Hebrew – will beheld in early February in three communities: Misgav, Izrael and Jaffa. We hope to create a shared and mutual artistic experience. Tickets for these performances offered at a very subsidized price, thanks to the support of the Pais' Council for Culture. For more, please click on the red headline.

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Noa Dar will perform her latest piece, "NoaNoa", during Suzanne Dellal Center's international exposure event, co-produced by the the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Two exclusive performances for the exposure event's guests will take place on December 8th at 13:00 & 20:00 at the Noa Dar Dance Group Studio.

On September 14 and 15, we will premiere NoaNoa, a new solo piece by Noa Dar, in which she follows the memory embedded in the body and looks at the body as an archive that holds everything it has experienced. The work moves within the intimate range that exists between the inner and outer space, between ability and limitation, and between the primal to the processed and the highly experienced. The show will take place in our studio, as part of a diving festival.
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On the last evening of 2015, its final edge, Noa Dar, in collaboration with artists from various disciplines, will unveil the ‘Last Date- 31.12’.

At the end of 2015, at the last minute, we are proud to reveal new work which crossing times and genres.
The event, created by Noa Dar with the participation of artists from various fields – Noa Raz Melamed, Noa Shavit, Michal Mualem, Amit Hadari, Tomer Demsky and Yair Vardi.
'Last Date' will take place on the last date possible and will continue for 1 round hour.
It will look at the significance, materiality and sensory qualities of time and will range between endings and beginnings, withdrawals advances.
It will paused at moments of no return and will examine reversibility and resetting options.
Wonder about the impulse to act – out of necessity or desire? The meaning of ‘Dead line’ and where we position ourselves in front of the passage and accumulation of time.
Participating artists are invited to create different areas by moving the joint creation:
Are: Michal Mualem, Noa Shavit, Amit Hadari, Noa Dar | Performative installation: Noa Raz teaches | Music and performance: Tomer Demsky | Lighting design: Yair Vardi | Concept, editing and choreographed by Noa Dar

Thursday, 12/31, at 21:00, at the Noa Dar Dance Group’s studio, (entrance from the parking lot at 13 Laskov Street, Tel-Aviv)
To reserve your spot – please leave your name and telephone & number of tickets you will be interested in- and we’ll get back to you for a confirmation: 03-6954440 or email: noadar@012.net.il

We are pleased to continue to present 'skin' in 2016: Next shows will be on February 24-25, at Tmuna Theater, at 20:00.
You are well come to watch a beautiful video article on ‘Skin’, created recently by photographer Shahaf Dekel, which includes an interview with Noa Dar and photos from rehearsals. Click on the red headline to watch.
You can click on the red headline to watch.

'Children's Games' will appear twice on 10 December, Thursday, on the 4th candle of Hanukah, in Suzanne Dellal:
At 11:30 – a show open to the public, and by 16:00, we are excited for the first show of "Children's Games" in French with Russian subtitles, for an audience of new immigrants from France and Ukraine, in cooperation with the Department of Immigration Absorption at TLV's municipality together with Suzanne Dellal Center. All information click on the red title.

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