'Skin' will appear on December 15 & 16 at 'Tmuna Theater' in TLV, and on 29 December – will premiere in Jerusalem, in the frame of 'dance in Mazia' , curetted by Elad Schechter. That evening, 'trials of hypnosis' – a short work by the wonderful dancer and choreographer Maya Brinner, a long time dancer with the Noa Dar Dance Group – will precede 'skin'. We are happy to share a stage and allow the public to enjoy this fascinating solo, tangential to aspects of 'Skin', from a different perspective.
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On Wednesday 21/10, at 18:00, we'll present chapters from 'skin', on the opening night of the exhibition 'Beuys, Beuys, Beuys' courated by Liav Mizrahi at the 'School of Art, Culture and Society' at Sapir College, headed by Michal Shamir. We are very excited to take part in in this fascinating project, And hoping for your presence. Immediately after, on October 22-23, we'll perform 'skin' at Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv. All information with a click on the red title

New Hebrew Year


Dear Friends and Colleagues , We would like to wish us all a good year , a year of peace , of freedom of expression , generosity , compassion and solidarity. We hope for exciting encounters with you in the course of the year to come .

It makes us happy that the season will begin with optimism and vibrancy of ' Children's Games ' in the frame of the project ' Cultural Days ' and that Sukkot will be celebrated at Suzanne Dellal ' with ‘Ananotza’ floating in an imaginative world in responds to a transformative reality.

After the children and holidays – adults are invited to join in the intimate circle surrounds ' skin ' that returns for two performances to Tmu-na Theater .

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Yours, Noa Dar Dance Group

We are very pleased for the opportunity to perform 'children's games' outside Tel Aviv: In Arad at the 'Oron' on the 07.09 at 17:00 and in Azur, at the community center, on 09.09 at 18:30. These performances are possible thanks to the beautiful initiative of 'Cultural Days' shared by the 'lottery' and 'culture for Israel' in order to give access to broader publics with the price of only 20 NIS per ticket. Hurry to book.

On the anniversary of 'skin's premiere – the work is coming out of Tel Aviv for the first time. It's a great opportunity to expose it to the Northern audience. The show will be held at Accor Theater Center on 2.7, at 20:30. The next 'show of 'Skin' will take place in Tel Aviv 26.7 at the home port – Tmuna Theatre, 20:00. For all the details, please click on the red title.

Looking for dancers


Dancers required:
Noa Dar Dance Group is looking for male & female dancers to enter positions in “Children’s Games” and for a new creative process for adults.
Professional dancers from age 22 and up with strong technique and an excellent ability to improvise are invited to send a resume, photo, and show Real (if any). To Email: noadar@012.net.il
Requires: availability for rehearsals to be determined as of August 2015 and commitment for rehearsals dates and performances which will set during the course of the year until September 2016.
We’ll reply back to suitable applications to set time for introductory meeting or audition.
Thank you very much and all the best, Noa Dar Dance Group

'Skin', the latest work of Noa Dar, will perform in Tmuna theater at 14.6, and for the first time will exceed the limits of Tel Aviv to Acre theater, for a performance on July 2nd
For all the details, please click on the red title.

We are excited about the unique event we'll hold on Purim, in 6.3, on which we'll present a bilingual performance of the "dream is a great painter" in both an Arabic and Hebrew, for the community of parents and children of the bilingual's kindergartens and school in Jaffa. The show will be held in the warehouse 2 , at Jaffa port and is made possible by cooperation between the Association hand in hand, the Choreographers Association and Noa Dar Dance Group.

Winter for children


Our winter for children: 31.1 – The dream is a great painter, at Suzanne Dellal.
7.2 – Children's Games at Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
More info in the "Works for children"'s pages.

Special for Hanukah:
Our beloved performances for children – "The dream is a great painter" and "Children's Games",
Will be performing on 22nd & 23rd December at Suzanne Dellal Center. Hag Sa'meah!

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