On 12-13 September, at the Jaffa port "warehouse 2", Two additional performances of 'skin', Noa Dar's new work.
These performances of "Skin" following the success of the debut shows in July 2014. Do not miss!
For more details click on the red title.

"The Dream is a Great Painter" will first appear in Jerusalem as part of "Days of Culture" from the National Lottery. The show will be on Sep 15, at 17:30, in the Jerare Behar Theater. This is a golden opportunity to Jerusale to see the show with a very subsidized price. Tel Aviv will be able to enjoy the show on Saturday, 20.9, at 11:30, Suzanne Dellal Center. Additional information with clicking on the red title.

Noa Dar's new work,Skin, will premiere on the stage of "Warehouse 2" in the Port of Jaffa, on July 17, 18 and 19.
It will be the main event of a unique weekend under Dar's artistic direction – as part of the project "Yotzer Otzer" (Artist Curates) – a collaboration between the Choreographers' Association and the Bistritzky Foundation.
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"The Body as a Container", the workshop led by Noa Dar will be held on Shavuot night at 24:00 as part of Tikkun Leil Shavuot at Bet Daniel, Bnei Dan St. 62 in Tel Aviv. In addition, the program includes this year Ahinoam Nini and Gil Dor; MK Rosenthal, writers Dror Burstein and Dror Mishaani, actor Shai Avivi and screenwriter Michel Libdinsky, head of the Catholic Church in Israel, Father David Neuhaus, musician Yair Harel, and singers Rivka Zohar and Liron Lev in a festive and exciting show. Additional workshops will be held throughout the night: Poetry, crafts and paper, and beat box kicks towards the sunrise!

•This month, on Saturday, 24.5, 11:30, "Children's Games" will return to Tel Aviv Museum and for the first time will be performed at the "Asia" in the new wing.
•In 26.5 , at 17:30, we will appear with "Children's Games" at Kibutz Yagur. This is a rare opportunity for Friends from the North to come and play with us. All the details on the show’s page.
•“The Menashe’s Forest Festival” will host us with "Arnica in Forest"- a special performance of Noa’s solos from “Arnica”, will be performed by Noa Dar and Uri Frost. Show on 15.5.14, at 20:30.

We'll open the year 2014 with our performances for children: "The dream is a great painter" on 16.1 at Herzliya and on 18.1 & 15.2 at the Tel Aviv Museum.
"Children's Games" at Suzanne Dellal on 25.1 & 22.2, and on the 20.2 – in Tel Mond!
"ananotza" on 1.2 at Suzanne Dellal as well.
For more information, pleas visit the "Works for children"'s and "Calander" pages.
Have a great new year!

Arnica dancing Dada


As part of the cultural celebration initiated by the National Lottery, Noa Dar and Uri Frost will appear with parts from "Arnica" in two special performances which will be held On 26/12/12 at Janco Dada Museum in Ein Hod, at 19:00 & 20:00. For details – please click on the red title.

Our show for children "Ananotza", will tour Israel during December:
The tour is supported by the National Lottery which supported the production of "Ananotza" as part of "Afim" project.
We are looking forward and excited about meeting with new audiences!
performances will take place at Gedera, Beit Shean, Yav'ne, Nahariya, Lod and Pardes-Hanna. Please find all the details at the "calendar" page on this website.

Hanuka performances


We'll perform in Hanuka at the TLV Museum with "The dream is a great painter": 30/11/2013, 11:30am & with "Ananotza": 4/12/2013, 11am & 12:30pm.
Look for more information on our Clendar's page.
Looking forward to celebrate with you.

The show "Children's Games" premiered in 2002 at the festival "Childhood's Sound' together with the "Stage Orchestra".
Since then we performed this show with a recorded music, hundreds of times in a continual success. .
Now, after 11 years, we are excited to dance again to the live, on stage playing of the orchestra, celebrating the opening of the orchestra's new season.
This special orchestra creates spectacular and exciting concerts for children and families, conducted by Talia Ilan and directed by Mike Levine.
Performances will take place on Saturday, October 26, at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art: 03-6077020

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