Clouds and Soup – reviews

From the Press:

"Dar is one of the most prominent and promising creators of dance in Israel. She takes care to maintain her own independent language and sets crazy standards for her dancers. The group of dancers is polished, dedicated and meticulous… It is a visual experience, full of atmosphere, with an excellent soundtrack by Belleli."
Naama Lanski, Yedioth Ahronoth, November 2005

"Clouds and Soup is a creation of unique beauty, with energetic physical outburst.
In the center of the piece is a solo of amazing quality. The opposite qualities between the dancers create a fascinating encounter of movement. Dar has succeeded in giving the most humane and real touch. The costumes are beautifully designed and the lighting is rich.”
Zvi Goren "Habama", November 2005

"Noa Dar's new work is sharp, spectacular and joyful. "Clouds and soup" left us with a taste for more. An emotional drama made in good taste. In contradiction to the noisy inclination of Israeli culture of the "ready made", she serves us with a rare chill of movement, with explosions of breath taking vibes, as she always does. Avi Belleli's music is perfect."
Ido Dagan, Zman Tel Aviv, December 2005

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