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Friday, December 13, 22:00 – for tickets click here 
Saturday, December 14, 21:00 – for tickets click here
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The above performances will take place at the 'Noa Dar Dance Group Studio', entrance from Laskov st. 13, Tel Aviv.

Inventory is a new solo work by noa dar, following last year’s – ‘NoaNoa’.
Here, she observes the parting process that holds a need to cling to the real, to what remains and can testify of what is absent.

This work will be a farewell event from the space which has served as her studio for the last 14 years and which is slated for demolition in 2020.
The performance, will pursue the elusive contents and materials that was created within these walls since it became hers studio.
This transient material of which a body of works was created from – is now absent.
In contrast, what remains are props and stage sets – those wrapping materials, made of solid substances, that served to define the spaces in which the works lived in. In the absence of the creations themselves, these objects become archeological artifacts that give signs to the Intangible contents they held once.
In ‘Inventory’, these objects will be taken out of storage and will reconstruct in the studio to form a layered space wherein the performance will move between times, perspectives and narratives, revealing ways in which dance works continue to live on in memory, to disintegrated and then to reassembled into a new creation.


Choreographed and performed by: Noa Dar

Sound design & instillation: Elad Schneiderman

Space design & installation: Noa Nassie

Light design: Noa Elran

Artistic consult and rehearsals manager: Yael Venezia

Graphic design: Dorit Talpaz

Photography: Tamar Lamm

Costume, set and props design by: MoshikYosifov, Atalia Ben-Menachem, Einat Nir, Avi Sechvi, PolinaAdamov, Svetlana Berger, Michal Shamir, NatiShamiaOfer, MichalBasad

Featured musical excerpts from Noa Dar’s Works by: Avi Belleli, Uri Frost, Israel Bright, The Tractor’s Revenge, KarniPostel, 

Text excerpts by:  Yosef El Dror, Iris Lana, Shelly Kling, Asaf Shatz, Nachshon Stein, Noa Rosenthal, Noa Shavit, Ilaya Shalit, Nir de Volff, Miki Bash, Irad Matzliah, Michal Mualem, Noa Shilo, Shlomit Fundminski, Mor Nardimon, Maya Brinner, Renana Raz, Noa Dar

Production: Hadas Feder – Noa Dar Dance Group

Duration: 70 min.


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