Noa Dar & Dance Group

Noa Dar, choreographer and artistic director of The Noa Dar Dance Group, was born in kibbutz Degania , where she started her dance training.

At 18 years old, she was invited to join the Bat-sheva Ensemble.

Following a grant she received from Merce Cunningham, she moved to New York and danced with the companies of: Zvi Gotheiner, Jeanette Stoner and Neta Pulvelmacher.

In 1986, Noa was a founding member of the artistic collective – Tamar Dance Company, where she began to choreograph.

During 1990-92, Noa created in Paris, supported by grants from the “America-Israel Cultural Foundation” and the French government.

In 1993 she established The Noa Dar Dance Group in Tel Aviv, together with eight dancers, musicians and visual artists who are partners in the creative process and in developing a unique movement and visual language.

Since then, Noa Created some 30 works commissioned by the major Israeli festivals:
“Israel Festival”, “Curtain Up”, “Accor Festival for Alternative Theater” and others.
Her works for children premiered in the frame of “The Children’s’ Sound festival" and the "A'fim" project.

Noa created also for companies and theaters such as "The Bat Sheva Ensambel", "Hazira – the interdisciplinary arena", "Muza Dance Co.", "The kibutzim Chamber Orchestra" and more.

Noa Dar Dance Group is performing intensively throughout the year in Israel and abroad.
Among it’s International tours, where festivals and venues in Rome, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Lisbon, Vienna, Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Munster, Rovereto, Budapest, Poznan, Tallinn, Vilnius, Den Haag, Shanghai, New -York, Santiago and San-Hose.

The company provides classes, workshops and lecture demonstrations at The Noa Dar Studio and elsewhere, for dance students and the general public.

Noa Dar & group are recipients of a numerous awards and prizes, among them:
1996: Dar was awarded the Minister of Culture Prize for her outstanding choreography.

1997: Dar was a recipient of a creation grant from Bi-Arts, supported by the British Council.
2002: The Group received the Minister of Culture’s prize for excellence in performance.

2006:“Tetris” received an award of excellence from the 2006 "Acco Festival for Alternative Theater".

2008: Dar was awarded the performing arts Rosenblum Prize for her artistic excellence in dance choreography, from the City of Tel-Aviv.

2009: Dar was awarded the Minister of Culture’s Creation Prize, for her achievements in choreography.

2010: Dar was awarded the Landau Prize, from the National lottery Council for the Arts, for her contribution as a dance creator to Israeli culture.

The group is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports (the dance division), the Israeli Lottery council for the arts, The Tel Aviv Municipality, The Rabinovich Foundation and The cultural relations department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Noa Dar photo: Tamar Lamm

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