The studio, which opened in June 2006, facilitates the professional dance community and the general public, as a center which allows those who are interested to learn experience and develop through dance and movement. The studio was founded on the grounds of a historic house in Israeli culture, that named after the author Shaul Tchernichovsky, on Kaplan st. in Tel Aviv. We are happy to be reviving the spirit of art there.

The former hall of events is the setting for our dance studio with, after undergoing extensive renovations, excellent conditions for the creation and instruction of dance, including a rest area and showers for dancers. The studio is designated to host experimental shows; the piece "Tetris" has already been performed there.

Other than serving as the dance group's rehearsal space, the studio is a home for other dance choreographers, as a place of performances and dance workshops intended for both professionals and the general public.

The dance school, which opened in September 2006, focuses on contemporary dance classes in all its variations, following the spirit of the Noa Dar group. The instructors are dancers and choreographers who are currently working, or have in the past, in the dance group through its years.

The courses are intended for adults and are conducted in different levels, from beginners to advanced dancers.

The renovation of the Noa Dar Dance Group Studio was made possible by the aid of the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport, and by the generosity of the Pershkovsky family.

For additional information about the studio's happenings, to register for classes and receive updates through e-mail:
Phone: 03-695-4440
E-mail: noadarpro@gmail.com

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