Alon Shtoyer

Dancer and creator, partner of the URF in Noa Dar Dance Group. Has a Bachelor's degree in dance and dance teaching at the "Higher Academy of Dance and Music".

Danced for Donlon Dance Company in Sarbock, Germany, for The Fresco Dance Troupe led by Yoram Carmi, Holon, Israel, fro "Mehola Yerushalayim" and for Inbal Pinto Dance Company, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Participated in the works: "I Feel", (Mira Rubinstein), "Again" (Neta Rotenberg) and "But the Virgin was more available" under the auspices of the "Suzanne Dellal Center" by "Xavier de Protos".

Creator of the works: "When the Bear Wakes Up", a duet (pemiered as part of the show "I Feel" in collaboration with Mira Rubinstein at the Nachmani Theater, Tel Aviv) and "When Daddy Will Not Be", a duet (premiere as part of the band "Fresco" at the Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv).

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