New work by Noa Dar for the whole family, recommended for children aged 5 and up.

"Ananotza" (tranlated as Feathercloud), is dedicated to those who love to play with games of imagination, through which changes in essence become possible.

In "Ananotza" The changes can occur in a flash or slowly, after careful planning or with an enchanted and unexpected suddenness.

The ever changing world of "Ananotza" has elusive outlines, like the way an object is reflected in water, or like a cloud changing its shape.

"Ananotza" comprises of short episodes, in which the story, the characters and the environment are constantly changing.
The scenes move on a wide spectrum between the familiar and the imaginary and between the concrete and the metaphorical.
The scenes flow into and stem from one another, and accumulate into a wide, compelling movement, rich in humor and beauty.

*Ananotza created in the framework and with the support of "Afim"- A project designed for encourage creations of quality dance performances for children by The Israel Lottery Council for the Arts.


Author and choreographer: Noa Dar

Performers: Dana Zechariz, Hila Zohar, Sira Ben Uriel
Dancers – co-creators: Stav Marin, Ma'ayan Horesh, Or Avishai

Text: Shira Gefen

Composer & original sound track: Daniel Salomon

Lighting design: Uri Rubinstein

Space and costume design: Paulina Adamov

Recorded voices: Orna Keret, Shira Gefen, Lev Keret, Maya Tshernovrov, Hilel Shaashua Dar,

Production of set: Dani Belinson

Dressmakers: Oxana Yanovretzky, Leonid Elissov

Stills photography:Tamar Lam

Graphic design: Dorit Talpaz

Production managing & administration: Orith Van Oss – Noa Dar Dance Group

We wish to express our deep thanks to those who supported and inspired us:
Miki and Zevic Marin of "The Bustan", Neta Dar, Anat Danieli, Hilel and Yehu Shaashua Dar, Tamara Arda.


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By Tamar Lam
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For Ori Lenkinski's review in the "Jerusalem Post" – please click: A captivated audiance

"Ananotza" invites us to enter that initial space where anything can take place, can be discovered, where everything can change. A wondrous world of imagination and beauty which unfolds before our eyes". Anat Zecharia, "Yediot A'haronot" , 10.12.12

"Noa Dar skips between reality and fantasy, between that which is familiar and the imagined, between the known and the hidden, between motion and word, joy and sadness. It is hypnotizing and the final result is poetic and moving." Nurit Assayag, 'Ahbar Ha'ir', 10.11.12

Noa Dar brings to stage that which is real, a creation for children where the dominant essence is dance. 'Feathercloud' is composed of the fabric of sound and motion which offers a precise dosage between depth and a high artistic level on the one hand and entertainment together with childish fun, on the other. Tal Gordon 'Habama' website, 9.23.12

"A moving collaboration of creative talents – Noa Dar and writer Shira Gefen present a piece that touches and nourishes both mind and heart" Rikki Cohen, 'Saloona' website, 9.24.12

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