Anu (us) – reviews

“Original and fascinating performance charged with meaningful sayings – regarding humanistic, social and political universal issues, but at the same time, holding observations on us, here and now. Noa Dar’s “Anu”, is a thought’ provoking creation, and it is much bigger then its components. It made an impressive ending to en evening that its ideological content made it a unique dance event”

– Zvi Goren, “Ha’Bama, December 2009


"This program of 3 creators, each one with a unique voice of his own, versatile and of a high quality. Noa Dar created "Anu” (Us) – it is a deep and rationalistic dance, full of symbol’s and humor, with political implications to the place we live in. The work is ending with singing of the priest’s blessing – a pray for peace”.

– Ruth Eshel, “Ha’aretz”, November 2009


Noa Dar in Curtain Up: “Entertaining and thought-provoking dance: an excellent school for exciting, intelligent and mature dance, braking beyond the borders of known dance."

– Neta Alexander, “City Mouse Online”, December 2009


"Noa Dar creating full and detailed theatrical moments. Her work shows skilled choreography and coherent and personal language. It is an accurate and exciting work."

– Shelly Kling, "Globes, November 2009


"In Noa Dar’s trio Anu (Us), one dancer – perhaps dressed to look younger in pigtails and a skirt – is initiated into the group, first observing her two fellow performers and then modeling herself after them until she becomes a participating member. Though at times the context is universal, there are several scenes which bear the recognizable imprint of Israeli culture. Gathered center stage in a tight circle, the trio performs a speeded-up mishmash of Israeli folk dance steps; occasionally, one dancer breaks out of the group, causing the others to pause, but then the three immediately resume their folk dance at an even more frenetic pace. Another powerful section references the army service which is compulsory in Israel. Juxtaposing stylized miming of military actions (loading, aiming, and shooting guns; throwing grenades; scoping out a building and breaking in; strip searching a suspect) with sweetly tranquil classical music, the scene is chilling. "

– Debora Frieds, "Dance in Israel", June 2010

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