"Children' Games" follows Pieter Brueghel's 16th century masterpiece – "Children' games".
This performance focuses on and magnifies the microcosms of the playground where children play with totality of being, as a preparation and a mirror to the grown-ups life.
The atmosphere in this playground shifts rapidly from hostility to friendship, to fantasy and humor.

It all happens in front of Brueghel’s eyes that came back from haven to re-examine his painting, after 400 years. This rich and lively production involved different disciplines such as dance, music, acting, circus and video. It intended for children of all ages including adults.


By: Noa Dar
Original Cast of dancers: Elaya Shalit, Asaf Shatz, Noa Rosenthal, Nachshon Stein, Maya Brinner, Shlomit Fundaminski.
Performing cast: Alon Karniel, Mor Nardimon, Efrat Levi, Adaya Berkovitch, Noa Shavit, Rotem Yehuda
Musicians: The Israel Stage Orchestra – Holon.
Actor: Emanuel Hanun
Composers: Roni Porat, Erik Satie, Johan S. Bach, Henri Purcell.
Text: Shlomi Moskovitch.
Costumes: Einat Nir
Set and props: Avi Sechvi.
Video art: Dorit Talpaz
Lighting: Keren Grank
Photography: Tamar Lamm

World Premiere: Children’s’ Sound Festival, Holon, October 2002
Duration: 55 Min.


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Noa Dar gives respect to children…the result is magnificent: a group of dancers realize on stage Pieter Brueghel’s painting "children's games" with dance, acting and acrobatic. The children are also exposed to the medieval style of costumes and are gaining a light and friendly encounter with classical music played by the Israel stage orchestra."
Aviva Levinson, "Time- Out" Nov. 2002

"Children's games" – the intelligent dance performance of the Noa Dar group, happens in front of a background by Pieter Brueghel's detailed painting – "children's games".
The dances of the group of dancers who dressed like characters from the painting, bring to life each time another detail from the painting and emphasize all the optimistic, vitality and charming aspects that there is in this picture.
This performance makes an hour of communicative and especially interesting modern dance for young audience."
Rutha Kopfer, "Ha'aretz, Dec. 2002

"The performance "Children's games" was born in the spirit of the Belgian painter Pieter Brueghel. A play ground with out borders, full of movement and flair; integrate dance, juggling, video and acting.
Noa Dar dance group respect the young and teaches them with fun and lightness, what is a real culture.”
Michal Sharon, "Yediot Aharonot", Feb. 2003

“Pieter Brueghel’s painting, "Children's Games" is a wonderful inspiration for a performance by that name, which performed by the Noa Dar dance group.
On stage, with a décor that shows this special painting which projected on a big screen, the talented dancer's dance different details from the painting, which is all about children and their games.
With their costumes the dancers look like they just step out from the painting to invite the audience to enter Brueghel’s world … a wonderful dance performance"
Osnat Blair, "To be parents", Jan. 2003

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