'Capsule of Touch': Special workshops with Noa Dar

In  days of prohibitions and restrictions on proximity and casual touch between people, these obvious reassuring expression of empathy  used in everyday physical contact –  became  now an object of concern and fear,

physical contact becomes rare and exclusive only to our 'capsule' partners – The workshop  "Capsule of touch' is an opportunity to experience ourselves and those close to us in a soft and mindfully way, through physical and movement experience led by an attentive and gentle touch.

Following the high response to the first workshop that took place in July, Noa Dar invites to her the studio for 2 more one-time workshops which will concentrate on touch.

It is designed for only 10 couples of all variations – parents, sons and daughters, friends, and lovers.

During the workshop – all contact and physical proximity will only take place between the partners who register in advance.

Couples of men and women aged 18 and over are invited. No previous experience is needed, the workshop is suitable for everyone.


'Noa Dar Dance Group' Studio is conducted according to the instructions of The Ministry of Health of Israel and therefore the number of participants is limited to only 10 pairs. Participation: 30 NIS per participant. The workshop will last for 75 Min.

For bookings:
Thursday, 29.10, 19:00 – CLICK HERE

At the studio of Noa Dar Dance Group, 13 Laskov St. (entrance from the parking lot), Tel Aviv.

For any questions and inquiries – please write to us at noadarpro@gmail.com