Coralie Ladam

Coralie joined a young ensemble in Paris after being certified as a Dance Instructor. She continued her career in Switzerland and Germany. She participated in the musical "Deep", and worked as a freelance dancer for Bruno Steiner (The Movers), Guilehrmo Bothelo (Alias Company), Teresa Rotemberg, Pablo Ventura, Stefanie Blaue and Morgan Nardi. Coralie underwent training at the SIWIC – a training program for choreographers, with Carolyn Carlson, Ismael Ivo and Mauricio Wainrot as artistic faculty. She has been living in Israel for a year, and teaches RELEASE technique at the "Bichurey Ha'Itimi Center", the Jaffa Group and the Dance Seminary at Kibbutz Hatzerim. She also teaches contact and improvisation at various events. She has been a Noa Dar Dance Group dancer since 2006

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