Efrat Levy

Dancer and performer with a bachelor's degree from the Rotterdam Academy of Dance and a master's degree in choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Dance. She has worked in the Netherlands with various choreographers including Michael Schumacher, Andrea Bull, Amy Raymond, Weslav Koons and Liat Weisbort and has also participated in projects at the Corzo Theater, Ploystoff Collective and more.

In Israel, she has performed as a dancer and actress in projects by Barak Marshall and in projects by independent choreographers. In parallel with her work as a dancer, Efrat has created solo works and has performed at various festivals in Europe (Budapest, Hague, Tilburg). In 2012 she was invited to develop her solo at the Tanz House Zurich with which she performed in Zurich, Hague, Amsterdam and Jerusalem. In 2009, Efrat was a guest artist at the Umayyad Artists' Village in New York, where she worked for three weeks with dancers and performers from around the world.

Today, Efrat is part of the "Creative Circle" cooperative, with which she performed at the Tel Aviv Divers Festival, at the 2013 Festechan during the Jerusalem cultural season and in independent shows organized by the circle. As of November 2013, she appears in Noa Der's works: "The Dream is a Great Painter", "Annuza" and "Children's Games" and takes part in the creation of "Skin".

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