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Per, Impair, Pair, Im

Duet, 25 minutes,

Pantine Festival, France 1992



A Trio, 45 minutes.

Music: Meredith Monk.

The Lab Theater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1993


Heads in the Grass

4 dancers, 50 minutes, original score by Israel Bright.

Suzan Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, 1994


The Whole Land is Flags

Duet commissioned and performed by the Musa Dance group,

15 minutes, Suzan Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, 1994



5 women dancers, 55 minutes, original score by Eyal Katzav,

Suzan Dalal Center, Tel Aviv, 1995



4 dancers, 15 minutes, commissioned and performed the Bat- Sheva Ensemble, 1995,

Suzan Dellal Center, Tel Aviv


Nothing But

A collaboration with the “Tractor's Revenge" rock band, and designer Moshik Yosifov.

Performed by 6 dancers and Tractor's Revenge's 4 band members.

45 minutes. Curtain Up Festival,

Suzann Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, 1996


Biting the Peels

A quartet performed by Nir De Wolf, Michal Herman, Renana Raz, Itamar Sahar.

Original Score: Israel Bright, 35 minutes, Curtain Up Festival,

Suzann Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, 1997


I waited, I cried

Dancers: Elad Livnat, Renana Raz. Accordion player – Vitali.

Original Music: Israel Bight,

18 minutes, Israel Festival, Jerusalem, 1997


Eyesaores – Frida

Frida: Based on the life and work of the artist Frida Kahlo.

Dancers: Nir De Wolf, Shelly Kling, Arkadi Zaides, Renana Raz, Michal Duvdevani, Noa Dar.

50 minutes. Curtain Up Festival,

Suzann Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, 1998


The Princess and the Dragon

Performed by Noa Dar. Music: Elainee Corindero.

Israel Festival, Jerusalem, 1998


Achilles's Tendon

By Noa Dar

Dancers -creators: Michal Mualem, Saar Harari, Assaf Shatz, , Shely Kling, Michal Arkind, Michal Duvdevany

Costumes and Sets: Atalia Ben-Menachem

Soundtrack design: Udi Kumeran.

Lighting: Amir Brenner

Photography: Tamar Lamm

Premiere: "Curtain", November 1999

Duration: 55 minutes



In collaboration with the writer / director Yosef El Dror.

Dancers: Michal Mualem, Assaf Shatz, Maya Brinner, Il’aya Shalit. Actor: Gal Zaid.

45 minutes. Curtain Up Festival,

Suzann Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, 2000



Dancers: Noa Rosenthal, Maya Brinner, Il’aya Shalit, Nachsom Shtein, Camee, Shlomit Fundaminski, Assaf Shatz.

Original Score: Karni Postel.

55 minutes, Curtain Up Festival,

Suzann Dellal Center, Tel Aviv, 2001


Children’s Games

In partnership with the “Stage Orchestra” and the conductor/composer Roni Porat.

Dancers: Assaf Shatz, Shlomit Fundamiski, Noa Rosenthal, Maya Brinner, Ilaya Shalit, Nachson Shtein.

Actor: Emmanuel Hanon. 50 minutes.

Childhood Sounds Festival, Holon, 2002


In a Black, Black Country

Dancers: Ilaya Shalit, Shira Rinot, Nachshon Shtein, Assaf Shatz, Maya Brinner, Oded Graph.

Actor: Eyar Volpa.

Original Score: Uri Frost.

65 minutes. Israel Festival, Jerusalem 2003


The Dream is a Great Painter

Based upon the poetry of Leah Goldberg.

Dancers: Shira Rinot, Oded Graph, Tamar Bar-Niv, Karin Price. Actor: Eyar Volpa.

Original Score: Israel Bright.

Childhood Sounds Festival, Holon, 2004


Clouds and Soup

Dancers: Inbal Aloni, Eldad Ben Sason, Adaya Pershkovsky, Karin Price, Anat Meron, Harel Key, Zachi Cohen, Mor Nerdimon.

Original Score: Avi Baleli.

60 minutes. Curtain Up Festival,

Suzan Dalal Center, Tel Aviv, 2005


Water's Music

In partnership with the Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra and conductor Yaron Gutfreid.

Dancers: Mor Nerdimon, Karin Price, Anat Meron, Adaya Pershkovsky, Zachi Cohen.

Music: Friedrich Hendel.

35 minutes. Tel Aviv Museum, March 2006



A production created in partnership with the artist Natti Shamia-Ofer.

Dancers: Lilly Ladin, Shira Rinot, Coralie Ladame, Nachson Shtein, Oren Tishler, Irad Matzliach, Adaya Pershkovsky.

Original Music: Uri Frost.

75 minutes. Acco Festival for Alternative Theater, Acre, October 2006



Premiere of Arnica-solo:Israel Festival, Jerusalem, June 2007.

Premiere of Arnica: Tmuna Theater, February 2008

Dancers: Michal Mualem, Shira Rinot, Noa Dar

Live Music & performance: Uri Frost

Duration: 55 min


The Switched Heads

Preimiere: May 09, Ha'maabada, Jerusalem

Play writer: Girish Karnad

Director / Choreographer / Editor: Noa Dar

Performers: Ali Suliman, Raida Adon, Ronen Yfrach, Einat Bezalel, Lani Shahaf, Yuval Shaham, Ofir Dagan

Original Music: Uri Frost

Duration: 80 Min


Anu (Us)

Premiere: 29 November, 2009. Curtain Up, Suzanne Dellal, TLV

Dancers – Creators: Coralie Ladam, Alon Bracha, Noa Shilo

Original Music and editing: Roy Yarkoni

Co -Production: Curtain Up Festival, Israel Festival

Duration: 35 Min



Premiere: July 9th 2010.

2nd part of "Banu"

Summer Dance Festival at Suzanne Dellal, TLV

Dancers – Creators: Coralie Ladam, Alon Bracha, Noa Shilo

Original Music and editing: Roy Yarkoni

Duration: 35 Min


أؤمن | Lullaby: The silent who is waiting for his turn

Premiere: A'Genre Festival, Tmuna Theater, TLV, in January 2011.

Co -Production: "Spirit Dance" The Lab Theater, Jerusalem, October 2010.

performed by Noa Dar

Text: Sha’ul Tchernichovsky

Composed original song: Tuvia Shlonsky

Music re-composing: Arik Shapira

Singer: Renee Khoury | Fiddle player: Yusuf Ma'khul |Duration: 15 min



Premiere: 2 August, 2012
Dancers: Stav Marin, Maayan, Horesh, Or Avishai

Music by Daniel Solomon, Text by Shira Gefen.

Premiered and supported by "Afim" – a project of The Lottery Council for the arts.

Duration: 55min



Premiere: 17.7.2014, "Warehouse 2", Jaffa-Tel Aviv
Dancers co-creators: Noa Shavit, Mor Nardimon, Alon Shtoyer and Efrat Levy.

Original music: Uri Frost

Stage design and objects: Nati Shamia-Ofer

Costumes: Michal Basad

Dramaturgy and lighting design: Yair Vardi
Video Art: Ran Slavin
Duration: 55 Min


Last Date
Premiere: 31.12.2015, Noa Dar's Studio
Performers: Michal Mualem, Noa Shavit, Amit Hadari,
Performative installation: Noa Raz Melamed
Music & performance: Tomer Demsky
Space: Noa Dar
Lighting: Yair Vardi
Duration: 60 Min


Premiere: 12.9.2018, ‘Diver Festival’, Noa Dar Studio, Tel Aviv
Performed by: Noa Dar
Music: Elad Shniderman
Lighting Designer: Omer Sheizaf
Costume: Ariel Cohen
Duration: 50min


Premiere: 24.9.2019, ‘Diver Festival’, Noa Dar Studio, Tel Aviv
Performed by: Noa Dar
Sound design & instillation: Elad Schneiderman
Space design & installation: Noa Nassie
Light design: Noa Elran
Artistic consult and rehearsals manager: Yael Venezia
Duration: 75 min


Premiere: Israel Festival, Jerusalem 15.6.2021
Performed by: Noa Dar
Sound score: Elad Shniderman
Artistic consultant: Michal Samama
Costumes design: Michal Bassad
Dramaturge and rehearsal director: Yael Venezia


Come Lay Down
Premiere: Diver Festival, Tel Aviv, 10.2021
Creation and Performance: Noa Dar and Michal Samama
Soundtrack Design: Elad Schneiderman
Objects and Lighting Design: Yair Vardi
Production Management: Carmel Hartman
Still Photography: Tamar Lamm


Land Slugs
Premier: Intimadance Festival, Tmu-na theater, Tel Aviv, 8.10.2021
Created and Performed by: Noa dar and Michal Samama

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