German Premiere for TETRIS & ARNICA in September 2009

"Noa Dar's body images developed an unusual momentum. After 80 minutes, viewers are smiling to each other because they have passed along an extraordinary aesthetic experience.
It does not happen much in Dance – theater performances." Frankfurter Allgemeine, September 09

" Noa Dar can make us feel like parts in a Tetris Game. In a breathtaking way, she succeeds to apply the principle of interactivity, as it expressed in computers’ media culture”
Frankfurter neue presse, September 09

"The fact that during the show, we exposed to the looks of the other spectators and of the protagonists, is a result of the genius concept of this work: the removal of boundaries between public and private spaces, is possible with the radical change in perspective that this performance allows"
Munstersche, September 09

Links to German Press clips and critics from September's Tour to Frankfurt and Munster with Arnica and Tetris:
Frankfurter Allgemeine: 4 September, 09
SWR2 –Journal – Podcast on Tetris: 2 September 09
Munstershe 9 September, 09
Frankfurter Neue Presse: 3 September, 09

It is our pleasure to invite you for the premiere performances of "Tetris" and "Arnica" by Noa Dar, in Europe.

Germany Premiere of TETRIS & ARNICA :
Tetris: September 1 – 2: 20:00 at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt:
Arnica: September 4 – 5: 20:00 at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt
Tetris: September 8 – 9 : 19:00, 21:00 at Theater in Pumpenhaus, Münster

Noa Dar Dance Group
Tel: + 972 3 6954440

Collaboration with visual artist Nati Shamia Opher, performed by 6 dancers. Commissioned by the Acco Festival for
Alternative Theater, the production won the award for excellence. Tetris is creating unexpected visual and emotional interaction between dancers, audience and space.

The stage of TETRIS is an elevated construction that contains 69 round holes for the spectators that stand underneath on stools, so that only their heads are exposed above the platform’s surface. The unusual placement of the spectators make them become active partners in this dance/visual art event and enables a close-up view of the theatrical action that happens around, above and below them.
Outside of Israel, TETRIS was presented at the Shanghai Dance festival (September 2007) and Festival Internacional Teatro a Mil, Santiago, Chile (January 2008).

"Tetris is an innovative production which creates a unique language and goes to the very limits in challenging spectators and performers alike. No doubt it is the creation of the year, maybe of the decade, in Israeli dance." Gal Alster, "TimeOut Tel Aviv", 21/06/07

“Tetris is a spectacular creation, releasing from the body excitement and shock, causing turbulent and mind stimulating interactions between dancers and spectators”. Michal Ba’adani ,"City Mouse" online, 12/10/06

Premiered at the 2007 Israel Festival, Jerusalem. This work collects and presents 17 short solos (1-4 min.) created during the last decade. ARNICA is performed by Noa Dar and 2 other female dancers who have worked with her over the last 9 years and a live guitar player.
Placing these solos side by side enables a retrospective observation which examines difference, contradiction and development in content and language of an inner world and its relations with its surrounding.
Outside of Israel, ARNICA was presented at the XI Festival Internacional de las Artes in Costa Rica (April 2008).

“Arnica is a dramatic performance in its movement and in the dynamics between its participants. You leave with a sensation of catharsis and a feeling of spiritual elevation.” (Marat Prahomovski, “Yedi’ot TLV”, March 08)

"Arnica by Noa Dar becomes a fascinating touching dance evening, which succeeds in making these series of solo excerpts into a full complex, multi-layered creation that deeply touches the roots of dance and the essence of the dancers' art.” (Zvi Goren, Habama online. Dec. 07)

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