Inventory – Reviews

"Dar, whose works have always included a very significant philosophical and theoretical side, manages in ‘Inventory’ to put body and material at the central place. The forced separation from her studio is not only a real estate issue, but also opens a series of questions about the relationship between the real and the creative, on the conditions without which art cannot be created, or maybe the art created under impossible conditions. As in ‘NoaNoa’, here too, it is a pleasure to watch her dancing, devoted entirely to choreography and movement. Hopefully, the expected evacuation will not stop her from creating."

– Tal Levin, "Ha’aretz", October 2019


"Most of all, she made an impression herself. What else can you aspire to? At the end of the piece, she covers all the decor with a huge canvas, as is customary to cover furniture for a long period of absence. Yes, it's sad, but at the same time, I thought what a wealth of great work hidden there. She challenged herself with a work that came from a place of much artistic honesty, and of course talent and knowledge that is a solid foundation for everything she created. Dar can look at the huge canvas that covers the decors of her works with satisfaction, comfort, and even happiness. Its seems that she didn’t say her last word yet."

– Ruth Eshel, ‘Dance’s Diaries’, October 2009

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