With this extraordinary summer we are experiencing these days – we are very happy to host Yossi Yungman for 2 unique workshops offering a happy and liberating experience for parents and their children, with lots of laughter, play, movement, touch, and enjoyment.

'Noa Dar Dance Group' Studio is conducted according to the instructions of The Ministry of Health of Israel and therefore the number of participants is limited to 10 pairs only.

Participation: 35 NIS per participant.
The workshop will last for 50 minutes.

To book a place on the 4.10.20, Sunday, at 10:00 – CANCELLED
To book a place on the 10.10.20, Saturday, at 10:00 – CANCELLED
To book a place on the 31.10.20, Saturday, at 10:00 – click here

At the studio of Noa Dar Dance Group, 13 Laskov St. (entrance from the parking lot), Tel Aviv.
For any questions and inquiries – please write to us at noadarpro@gmail.com