Noa Dar and Michal Samama will operate in various spaces at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art during February-March 2022
(Admission to the museum allows viewing  'Land Slugs' in action, which will take place on the dates and times listed below).
The action in the museum is the third chapter of the series 'Land Slugs' that has taken place over the past few months.
The first chapter took place on Soncino Street in south Tel Aviv, while the second chapter was performed along the
Railway Park in Jerusalem. The museum is the sterile of the three venues, with a long history of viewing-presenting
relationships.  'Land Slugs' takes place as part of "The Square – Towards New Alliances", curated by Ruthi Director and Dana Yahalomi.

'Land Slugs' in the museum will take place on the following dates:

CLICK HERE for the detailed performances dates.