Land Slugs

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Monday, 5.12, 12:30 & 14:15 | Jerusalem International Dance Week of Machol Shalem's Dance House


“Land Slugs” takes place along the street. It exists at the ground, sidewalk altitude, a location that is normally visible only from the viewpoint of human feet and four-legged animals. Two performers bring their bodies in their entirety into close, intense contact with the texture and topography of the surface we step on, without giving it a second thought: cement, asphalt, vehicles, dirt, insects and vegetation. From their levelled perspective, they challenge the conventions and perceptions of the body in public space.
Each performance of “Land Slugs”  is a unique variation that responds to the particular environment in which it takes place. “Land Slugs” was presented in numerous venues including "Intimadance" festival in Tmuna Theater; Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of "The Square" residency program; The Center for Digital Art in Holon; "Manofim" Festival for Contemporary Art in Jerusalem and at the "Art-Tour" festival in Tel Aviv.


About 'Land Slugs' at Tel Aviv Museum Of Art

About 'Land Slugs' at the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon


Created and Performed by: Noa dar and Michal Samama

Premier: 8.10.2021
Intimadance Festival, Tmu-na theater, Tel Aviv, Artistic Directors: Erez Maayan Shalev and Anat Katz


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Anat Zecharia – Hamevakeret


"These are two mature artists who are confident both in their talent and in the integrity of their inner world. They almost always choose an expressive brutality involving extreme trials they undergo in which they ostensibly lose themselves, negate themselves. Each is a distinguished, powerful artist and still they let go of the ego to create something together that is alive and whole.
‘Land Slugs’ is bold, its images overwhelm the retina, sending themselves directly to the subconscious, aggressive, hypnotic, creating only one way to see them: a consumerist gaze devoid of logic, helpless.”

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Ran Brown – Haaretz


"Not only was their commitment to the piece apparent in their bodies, but in all aspects of their execution as well, which was straightforward, direct and bold. Ostensibly, nothing happens in the piece apart from them advancing, but seeing it provokes thoughts about public space, the way it reflects us as a society, the indifference and apathy with which we treat each other, the place of women in this space, and the possibility that art affords to envision this space differently.”

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Idit Suslik – The Contemporary Eye


"those moments in which, under the circumstances, they transform to resemble homeless people or eccentric characters whose behavior doesn’t align with the norm – raise thoughts about those who we tend to see in this way, and how easily we do so; those we usually step over, albeit not physically.”

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