‘Last Date – 31.12’

On the last evening of 2015, its final edge, Noa Dar, in collaboration with artists from various disciplines, will unveil the ‘Last Date- 31.12’.

At the end of 2015, at the last minute, we are proud to reveal new work which crossing times and genres.
The event, created by Noa Dar with the participation of artists from various fields – Noa Raz Melamed, Noa Shavit, Michal Mualem, Amit Hadari, Tomer Demsky and Yair Vardi.
'Last Date' will take place on the last date possible and will continue for 1 round hour.
It will look at the significance, materiality and sensory qualities of time and will range between endings and beginnings, withdrawals advances.
It will paused at moments of no return and will examine reversibility and resetting options.
Wonder about the impulse to act – out of necessity or desire? The meaning of ‘Dead line’ and where we position ourselves in front of the passage and accumulation of time.

Participating artists:
Performance: Michal Mualem, Noa Shavit, Amit Hadari, Noa Dar | Performative installation: Noa Raz teaches | Music and performance: Tomer Demsky | Lighting: Yair Vardi | Concept, editing and choreographed by Noa Dar

Thursday, 12/31, at 21:00, at the Noa Dar Dance Group’s studio, (entrance from the parking lot at 13 Laskov Street, Tel-Aviv)
To reserve your spot – please leave your name and telephone & number of tickets you will be interested in- and we’ll get back to you for a confirmation: 03-6954440 or email: noadar@012.net.il