from “Slingshot Girl” by Tamar Getter, 2004



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Two parallel and mutually influenced processes take place. A mirror image unfolds, chasing its own tail until it peels off. Laxation becomes tension, victim becomes aggressor, surrender becomes resistance, and pain changes to rage and vice versa.

Laxation, a solo piece, was created for the 2021 Israel Festival, inspired by “Slingshot Girl,” a short video by the artist Tamar Getter, in which a flash movement of stretching a slingshot unfolds over 8 minutes, focusing on the stressful action while suspending its outcome, the desired relief.



Choreography and Performance: Noa Dar

Original Music and Sound Design: Elad Shniderman

Dramaturge and Rehearsal Director: Yael Venezia

Artistic Consultant: Michal Samama

Costume Design: Michal Bassad

Lighting: Danny Fishof

Still Photography: Natasha Shakhnes

Duration: 15 Min

Premiere: Inspiring Connections, Israel Festival, 15/6/2021, The Jerusalem Theatre

Curator and artistic director: Itzik Giuli

The work was commissioned and supported by the Israel Festival.


By Natasha Shakhnes
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