Inspiring Connections # 4 | Israel Festival | June 15th | Jerusalem Theatre

Noa Dar Following Tamar Getter’s “Slingshot Girl” 

In “Slingshot Girl,” a video work created by the artist Tamar Getter in 2004, a wounded girl slings a rock at a figure outside the frame. Taken from a Kung Fu film, the scene – which originally is only a few seconds long – was digitally manipulated and extended into an 8-minute action.

Noa Dar was drawn to the link that Getter made between the stretched slingshot and the stretching of time. Using the elements of the event captured in the video, her solo moves on an axis that stretches between edges of tenseness and laxity, advance and retreat, accumulation and depletion, defence and attack, movement and stillness.

Choreographer and performer: Noa Dar / Artistic advisor and rehearsal director: Yael Venezia / Artistic consultant: Michal Samama / Costumes design: Michal Bassad / Sound design: Elad Shniderman

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from “Slingshot Girl” by Tamar Getter