Noa Dar & Dance Group

Noa Dar is a choreographer and dancer whose rich body of works has been recognized for its originality, depth and inventiveness.

In 1993 she established ‘The Noa Dar Dance Group’ in Tel Aviv, as a supportive framework for her artistic activity. Since then, she has created more than 30 works in collaboration with artists from different creative fields.

Always searching for new expressions of contents and forms, her works ranging from solos to large-scale productions, works for young audiences, site specific works and installations.

Dar explores the experience of the individual body when it comes into contact with his physical and social environments, often blaring boundaries between performers and spectators.

In her latest works, along with her return to performing, her own body became an arena for reexamining notions like temporality and transformation.

Dar’s creations have been commissioned and presented by leading festivals in Israel and elsewhere such as ‘The Israel Festival’,‘ Tokyo Int. Dance Biennale’, ’Oriente Occidente’, ‘Rencontres int. de danse contemporaine’, ‘Santiago de mille festival’, ‘Sziget festival’, ‘ Shanghai Contemporary Dance’, ‘Holland

Dance Festival’ and many more.

She has won numerous prizes, among them the Municipality of Tel Aviv’s ‘Rosenblum Prize’ for outstanding artists, the ‘Creation Prize’ from the Ministry of Culture for her body of work and the National Lottery’s ‘Landau Prize’ for her contribution to Israeli culture.

Noa Dar was born and raised in Israel, at Kibbutz Degania, where she began her ballet and modern dance training. At eighteen, she was invited to join the Batsheva Ensemble and danced there for two years. Later, she moved to New York City, where she studied and performed with choreographers Zvi Gothainer, Jannet Stoner and others, supported by a grant from Merce Cunningham.

She returned to Israel as a founding member of the ‘Tamar Dance Company’ in Jerusalem, where she danced and begane to choreograph.

In the two following years, she worked in Paris as an independent choreographer, supported by grants from the America-Israel foundation and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1993, she settled in Tel Aviv and established her own group.

Outside of her company, Noa created works for ‘The Batsheva Ensemble’, ‘Muza Company’, ‘Be’er Sheva Theater’, ‘The Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra’, ‘The Interdisciplinary Arena Theater’ and ‘Transition Company’ among others.

In 2006, she established the ‘Noa Dar dance group studio’ in central TLV, which serves as a home to creation, performance and practice.

A place where broad communities can experience and meet with diverse expressions of body, movement and dance.

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Noa Dar, photo: Tamar Lamm
Noa Dar, photo: Tamar Lamm

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