Noa Dar won the Landau Lottery Council’s Prize for the Performing Arts

The Creator Choreographer Prize: Noa Dar

Grounds judges:

Noa Dar, is a high-quality, original, curious and trail – blazing creator. Her enormous contribution to the development of dance in Israel since the early 90's until today is significant and central.

Noa Dar is a choreographer that creates dances which has a unique and profound voice.
Dar has a broad knowledge of movement; her work combines a variety of theatrical means, decor and lighting, in which she creates a vivid and active space.

She is constantly looking for new ways to create relationships between movement and other expressive means of the performance, and between the audience and dancers.

Her dance is rich with movement’s inventions that challenge the moving body with complexity of the coordination, musicality and expressiveness.
Her dancers are not only technical virtuosos, but connected to the deeper ideas and images of the work.
That depth work creates Dancers – Creators, many of them become artists themselves and with that, Dar’s contribution to the world of dance is grand and significant.

Noa is crating humanistic dances that involved in the Israeli experience. In various works she deals with Israeli myths and ethos and their effect on the individual. Yet her works are not only declarative but indicating on processing the context into a sophisticated artistic fabric, anchored in an extensive cultural knowledge.
Among her other works, she created a non – compromise works for children, in a wide age range.
She is one of the Choreographers Association initiatives which incorporate within it the independent Israeli dance makers. Among her works: "Us," "Children's Games," "Tetris," arnica "," In a Black Black Land "," The Sweetest Hug"," Strange”