Tetris is a collaboration between Noa Dar and visual artist Shamia Opher, which gives birth to a unique architectonic object that creates a world both penetrated and penetrable.
In this world and through that object, the audience emerges into the spatial expanse of the movement event.
Tetris presents an uncommon balance existing between spectators and dancers, touching upon the tensions between movement and fixation, proximity and distance, between the estrangement of alienation to an involving, mutual experience.


By: Noa Dar, Natty Shamia-Ofer
Dancers: Lily Ladin, Oren Tischler, Eirad Matzliah, Adaya Pershekovsky, Nachshon Stein, Coralie Ladam, Shira Rinot.

Original music and sound: Uri Frost

Lighting design: Assi Gottesman

Costumes design: Limor Tal

Space construction: Gidi Mor

Photography: Tamar Lamm

World Premiere: The Acco Festival for Alternative Israeli Theater, October 2006

Duration: 80 Min.


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"Noa Dar can make us feel like parts in a Tetris Game. In a breathtaking way, she succeeds to apply the principle of interactivity, as it expressed in computers’ media culture”
– Frankfurter neue presse, Sep 2009

"The fact that during the show, we exposed to the looks of the other spectators and of the protagonists, is a result of the genius concept of this work: the removal of boundaries between public and private spaces, is possible with the radical change in perspective that this performance allows"
– Munstersche Zeitung.de, Sep 2009

"Noa Dar's body images developed an unusual momentum. After 80 minutes, viewers are smiling to each other because they have passed along an extraordinary aesthetic experience.
It does not happen much in Dance – theater performances."
– Frankfurter Allgemeine, Sep 2009

"Tetris is a spectacular and singular artistic achievement, truly ought to be experienced”.
– Mart Porhomovski, “Tarbut”, May 2008

"Finally, the most Ingenious work I have seen for a long time: TETRIS, a stage creation directed by an exceptional Israeli choreographer. From the moment you enter the Museum of Contemporary Art, everything is original. The Group of dancers that move to the sounds of electronic music excelled in creating intensive allegory images concerning couples elations ships, sex, loneliness, death and other themes that are presented almost above you. If to make a comparison to Cinema – Tetris brings the close-up view to the theatrical stage. It is Ingenious, attractive, beautiful, exciting and original. A work you will never forget”.
– Denis Leyton, "Imaganes & Letres" Website, 2008, Chile

“TETRIS by the Israeli dance group of Noa Dar is one of the most innovative performances to ever being presented on the stages of Santiago a Mil. The atmosphere combines ritual glory with tranquility. The music is gentle, light is dim and on the stage – variety of angels utilized: up, down and forward. Everybody participate actively. The performers look into the eyes of the spectator who locked in cages and jump over their heads. The music is loud in your ears, the stage trembles strongly until you fear that it would fall down, but the whole experience is very well designed".
– Maria Paz Elgria, "EL MERCURIO", Jan 2008 (Santiago, Chile)

“Unconventional and compelling, Tetris has the potential to be an important piece with lasting impact both in Israel and abroad”
– Ora Brafman, “Jerusalem Post” Nov 2006

"Tetris is a performance that succeeds to affix an imprint on the soul".
– Ruth Eshel, Ha'aretz, Apr 2007

"Tetris is an innovative creation that creating a unique language, checking borders and challenging spectators and performers alike. No doubt it is the creation of the year, maybe of the decade, in Israeli dance. "
– Gal Alster, "TimeOut Tel Aviv", Jun 2007

“Tetris is a spectacular creation, releasing from the body excitement and shock, causing turbulent and mind stimulated interactions between dancers and spectators”
– Michal Ba’adani ,"City Mouse" online, Oct 2006

“No doubt, this is an exciting performance, giving a unique and fascinating experience”.
– Dana Gilerman, "Ha'aretz" , Oct 2006

“Dar decided to break with conventions the dance world’s outlook and to construct them new. This is a true celebration – all you need is to loosen your conventions, take a deep breath and enjoy the abundance surrounding you”
– Itay Mautner, “NRG”, Jan 2007

– Flicker Image Presentation – Shows in Shanghai, China, 2009

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