The Dream is a Great Painter



Lea Goldbergs' beloved poems: “Why did the boy laugh in his dream”, “The magic hat”, and “the bad boy” and many more are presented here in a new, surprising and refreshing manner.

The show is presented through the eyes of Gad, a little boy whose home alone, and has created a colorful and rich world in his imagination, a world that features the strange creatures drawn by “Uncle Dream”, “Aunt Leah” who dresses up as a frog, the victory over “the bad boy” who keeps coming in unannounced, and his journey around the world with the help of the “Magic Hat”.

More tricks are drawn out of Goldberg’s surprise-full magic hat, and are re-created on stage with humorous, energetic movement and music, and imagination-filled costumes.

* For children from 4 years old to 9 years old

For the bilingual Arabic-Hebrew version of the show, please click here.


By: Noa Dar

Original Music: Israel Bright

Dancers – creators: Shira Rinot, Oded Graph, Karin Price, Tamar Bar-Niv

Actor/Singer: Iyar Volpa

Present performers: Tal Idissis, Yankal'e Filtzer, Tal Nof, Adi Shamshi, Noam Ilan

Text and Editing: Hagit Rechabi

Set Design: Avi Sechvi

Costume Design: Svetlana Berger

Lighting Design: Inna Malkin

Photography: Tamar Lamm

Graphic Design: Dorit Talpaz

World Premiere: Children’s Sounds Festival in Holon, 2004
Duration: 55 Min.


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“Intelligent, elegant and exciting production that stays with the spectators long after its end.
The production brings to life Leah Goldberg’s beautiful poetry, and makes it accessible and available to the young audience. “The dream” is a type of those rare performances, which parents will really enjoy to accompany their children to.
The level of performance is the same as for dance performances intended for adults, the dancers are professional, and so is the composition of melody and music that is very pleasant to the ear. You should take your kids. They’ll have a great time and will leave enchanted.”
Ruth Copper, “Ha’aretz”, Dec. 2004

“The usage of beloved materials, inalienable assets of the Israeli culture, creates a feeling of familiarity for children and a feeling of warm nostalgia for adults. Leah Goldberg’s familiar words, paired with Israel’s Breit’s original music, are a winning combination.”
Orna Ofir, “Time Out”, Dec. 2004

“An enchanting production, rich in imagination and extremely colorful.
The choreography filled with inspiration and humor, the ensemble’s dancers are excellent, the costumes are great and the original music is pleasant and correctly suited to the content. This is absolutely a deserving show.”
Tzipi Roman, “La’isha” , Dec. 2004

“The choreographer Noa Dar has created a composition of some of the poet’s gems to with the ornament of movement, acting, and poetry.
Noa Dar created very clean movement, attuned to a line of innocence. The dancers switch characters with ease, and don’t hide the amusement and the spirit of childhood that has been returned to them, just as they are recognizable in Goldberg’s original text, and in Dar’s stage direction for the enjoyment of the audience of children and their parents."
Tzvi Goren, “HaBamah website” Dec. 2004

“The production “The dream is a great artist” enters with its head held high to the list of “the good fellas”. Wolfe, in the role of Gad, creates a —— character. Israel Breit composed a rich, powerful score for the dance parts. One couldn’t stop from being excited from the naïve duet between one of the dancers and Iyar Wolfe to the “Bad Boy” poem, or from the amazing visual images of “The Magic Hat”.
Lilach Dekel, “HaBamah website”, Dec. 2004

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