In an exhausting battle arena, which is simultaneously heroic and banal – a man and a woman try to find a way to live with one another.

This is an endless roll of two bodies holding to one another, releasing and going apart, until the unavoidable next reunion.

Throughout the impossible struggle for “happiness” the borders of the public and the individual territories are defined and erasing constantly. The changes of roles and game’s rules are rapid and the balance is being achieved only for a moment, just to be shattered again.


By: Noa Dar

Music: Berry Adamsson
Dancers: Oded Graf, Shira Rinot
Lighting: Uri Morag

Premiere: March 2004, Tel Aviv
Duration: 20Min.


« 2 של 6 »


“The duet is filled with desire, fear and like all ways in Dar’s works, very dark.
The mature and intelligent duet she had created gives the evening an optimistic and moving ending”
Gilad Rich, “Globes”

“This is an original and impressive duet. Noa Dar created a real masterpiece that revealed a crystallized choreographic vision. The two dancers are wonderful in the power they had been given to the movement Dar had created for them. They created a couple with diverse richness – from expressive softness to aggressive power”
Zvi Goren, “Habama”

“In Dar's turn, her maturity proved advantageous. Dar used a higher degree of detailing and finesse. She better paced the energies on stage, and exposed more intricate relationships of a greater scope. It was her talent, experience and craftsmanship that won the evening.”
Ora Brafman, “Jerusalem Post”

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