Uri Frost

Uri Frost's dark, left-field and often intellectually unnerving art and music are informed by a sense of rootlessness and exile. He grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Vienna and Tel Aviv, started out as a rock-musician and later branched out into increasingly experimental forms. He founded rock groups in Brazil (Kazbah) and later in Israel (HaPliz, Carmella Gross Wagner, Rir, Family Butchers, Katamine) and in the UK(Slave). He composed music for dance (Noa Dar), film (Garden; an award winning documentary) and theatre (People Show, Lume, Zygota) in Israel, Brasil and the UK.

As an improviser (guitar and electronics) he collaborated with the following: Alvin Curran, Thomas Koener, Assif Tsachar, Oren Ambarchi, Harold Rubin, Dror Feiler, Ran Slavin, Achim Wollscheid, Berry Sacharof, Rea Mochiach, Adam Sheflan, Arik Hayut, Eran Sachs and numerous others. Having fiddled with a super-8 camera as a 13 year old and having later flunked film-school, he didn't give up his passion for directing. His directorial credits include short films (22D', The Escaped) videos (Nature Boy, Tap Golden,) theatre (Miss, did it hurt…with A2-UK) and dance (The Left Handed-inspired by Peter Handke's novel and Gaza with choreographer Tamar Borer.)

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