World Premiere Performances of Noa Dar's new work: Skin

Skin: World Premiere Performances – July 17 to 19, 2014, "Warehouse 2" in Jaffa's port

Thursday, July 17, at 9 pm

Friday, July 18 at 10 pm

and Saturday, July 19 at 9 pm

Box Office: 03-9021563 – seating is limited

In the last five months we have been immersed in the creation of a new production and are excited to reveal it to the world very soon!

Noa Dar's new work, Skin, will premiere on the stage of "Warehouse 2" in the Port of Jaffa, on July 17, 18 and 19.

It will be the main event of a unique weekend under Dar's artistic direction – as part of the project "Yotzer Otzer" (Artist Curates) – collaboration between the Choreographers' Association and the Bistritzky Foundation.

In this new work Noa returns to an adult audience, after a long period focusing on works for children.

The work ranges between the walls of the body and the external space in which it operates. The body is placed at the center of an exploratory lab and observed as a multi-layered vessel.

  • By: Noa Dar
  • Performers and co-creators: Noa Shavit, Mor Nardimon, Alon Shtoyer and Efrat Levy.
  • Original music: Uri Frost
  • Stage design and objects: Nati Shamia-Ofer
  • Costumes: Michal Basad
  • Dramaturgy and lighting design: Yair Vardi
  • Video creation: Ran Slavin
  • Graphic design: Dorit Talpaz
  • Photography: Tamar Lam
  • Producer: Shiran Shveka & Hadas Binder

The program of each of the three premieres’ evenings will feature an installation and performance by visual artist Nati Shamia-Opher in the space’s lobby, a performance of Dar's new work which the audience is placed on the stage, and a concert by musician Uri Frost in an intimate space in the "Warehouse”.

Shamia-Ofer was Dar's partner in the creation of the show "Tetris", which got them an award for innovation at the Acco Festival 2006. The following year, Tetris was chosen for "Creation of the Year" by the European "Tanz Magazine", and has appeared in more than 200 performances in the five years that followed in Israel, Germany, China and Chile.

Dar collaborated with Uri Frost in creating music for her earlier works: "In a Black Black Land" (Israel Festival 2003), "Tetris" (Acco Festival 2006), "Arnica" (Israel Festival 2007) and the play "The Switched Heads" (The Multi Disciplined Arena, 2008).

This event is supported by the Bistritzky Foundation and the Choreographers' Association as part of the project "Yotzer Otzer".

Noa Dar Dance Group is supported by the Ministry of Culture and by the Tel Aviv Municipality.